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Villainy in Vienna - Paperback (Fiona Figg Mysteries Book 3)

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1917 Vienna.

Can Fiona catch a killer and find a decent cup of tea?

Fiona follows Fredrick Fredricks to Vienna where she gets caught up in a royal mess.

File clerk turned British agent, Fiona Figg, is more comfortable wearing a fake mustache than a ballgown.

When a royal ball ends with a royal body in the middle of the dance floor, Fiona trades her dancing slippers for practical oxfords and sets out to investigate.

As she tracks her nemesis, Fredrick Fredricks, from Vienna to the Austrian countryside, a hunting accident makes her rethink her loyalties.

Can Fiona prevent a killer from striking again, save her own skin, and find a decent cup of tea, all before the emperor realizes she’s a spy?

 “The Fiona Figg mysteries are a perfect blend of wit, fun, and intrigue.” —Debra Goldstein, Author of the Sarah Blair Cozy Mysteries

 "I love Fiona Figg! In Villainy in Vienna, Oliver delivers a satisfying tale of World War I espionage, rich with historical details from 1917 Vienna, and perfectly laced with humor and high jinks. Brilliant!" ~Margaret Mizushima, author of the award-winning Timber Creek K-9 Mysteries

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