Pet Detective Audiobooks Trio Special

Pet Detective Audiobooks Trio Special

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Pet Detective Mysteries Trio Special

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Join Kassy's fun-filled middle-grade adventures cracking riddles, detecting clues, and solving a whole zoo of animal trouble in the Pet Detective Trilogy!

In Cub Reporter, Kassy is hot on the trail of a missing cougar cub. Apollo the cub disappeared from her family’s petting zoo . . . and Kassy has to find him before the dogcatcher shuts down their zoo forever.

In Treasure Hunter, Kassy takes on a dangerous dognapping ring. When Kassy discovers a hidden key and a treasure map hidden inside a wall, she must venture into the local cemetery to crack the case.

 In Geocacher, Kassy is on a family road trip to bring Kiki the koala to the National Zoo. When a campground geocaching contest goes wrong, Kassy risks losing Kiki for good.

 Celebrated by Reader’s Favorite Reviews as “entertain[ing for] both animal and mystery lovers of all ages,” the bestselling Kassy O’Roarke middle-grade books have won the Reader’s Choice Award for Best Children’s Mystery.


is a philosophy professor at Vanderbilt University, and the award-winning author of three bestselling mystery series. She has been published in The New York Times and The Los Angeles Review of Books and has been featured on ABC News.