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High Treason - Audiobook (Fiona Figg Mysteries Book 2)

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 New Narrator, Nikki Delgado, the voice of Princess Cruise line, hits it out of the ballpark again with her reading of High Treason at the Grand Hotel.

Paris. 1917. Never underestimate the power of a good hat…

or a sharp hatpin.

Sent by the War Office to follow the notorious Fredrick Fredricks, file clerk turned secret agent Fiona Figg is under strict orders not to get too close and not to wear any of her usual “get-ups.”

But what self-respecting British spy can resist a good disguise?

Within hours of her arrival in Paris, Fiona is up to her fake eyebrows in missing maids, jewel thieves, double agents, and high treason.

When Fiona is found dressed as a bellboy holding a bloody paperknife over the body of a dead countess, it’s not just her career that’s on the block.

Her next date might be with Madame Guillotine.

"I can't WAIT for Fiona #3 to be out and available as an audio! I absolutely loved the first two! And your narrator is delightful!!" Pam, Audiobook Listener

“A clever mix of humor and espionage that will keep you turning the pages and laughing all the way!” —Dianne Freeman, author of the award-winning Countess of Harleigh mysteries. 

“The Fiona Figg mysteries are a perfect blend of wit, fun, and intrigue.” —Debra Goldstein, Author of the Sarah Blair Cozy Mysteries

“Lushly layered in period detail, this historical mystery delivers twists and turns in a lighthearted tale of suspense and derring-do.”—Muddy Rose Reviews

“A fun diversion with an entertaining female lead.” —Kirkus Reviews

“A delightful romp through WWI Paris, rich with period detail, effervescent with British resourcefulness, and full of gentle humor reminiscent of early Hollywood zany comedies. A refreshing lark.” —Keenan Powell, author of the award-nominated Maeve Malloy Mysteries.

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