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Jackal - Paperback (Jessica James Mysteries Book 4)

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In Vegas, the stakes are high and everyone’s an illusionist.

Sent off to Las Vegas in search of her biological father – a washed-up magician called The Mesmerizer – Jessica arrives in town penniless and with nowhere to turn. She ends up crashing on an old school friend’s couch and getting a job as a hotel maid.

Her first night on the job, she finds a naked guy in the bathtub with a note to call 911, and Jessica suspects her old friend McKenzie might be involved. The guy in the tub is Leo Spencer and he’s on his own mission – to solve one of Vegas’s coldest cases, the murder of his parents.

Is The Mesmerizer really Jessica’s dad? Will Leo find out who killed his parents? And what exactly is McKenzie mixed up in? This is a trip to Vegas you will never forget.

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"Crackles with energy... Jessica remains an instantly likable protagonist...fast-paced and engaging."--Kirkus Reviews

JACKAL features award-winning author Kelly Oliver's trademark humor and quirky characters. Join Jessica and her posse for a fast-paced thrill ride in this AMAZON BESTSELLER.  JACKAL won the 2020 E-Lit Award for Best Mystery Suspense, and was a finalist for the Silver Falchion Award and the Mischief and Mayhem Award for Best Mystery/Thriller. Girl Power meets the Russian Mafia. If you thought COYOTE was a wild ride, JACKAL is Kelly Oliver’s way of saying, ‘You ain’t seen nothing yet!’

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