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WOLF - Audiobook (Jessica James Mysteries Book 1)

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She knew she’d have to defend her thesis…

but she didn’t think she’d be defending her life. 

Is the professor’s weird note the final nail in her coffin?

Is the hot art dealer putting the moves on her for real? Or is he the killer?

And why is the Russian janitor forging masterpieces in the broom closet?

Armed with only her quick wit and the secrets at the bottom of her book bag, Jessica had better find out before her degree gets buried six feet under... and her along with it.

 "Very funny, yet profoundly dark." --Foreward Magazine

You’ll love this murder mystery with a twist because it’s a perfect mix of romance, intrigue, suspense, and humor that will keep you turning the pages.

Independent Publishers Award BEST MYSTERY-THRILLER
Voted #1 WOMEN'S MYSTERY on Goodreads


Susan McGurl of Gurl Power Voices narrates.

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